Is your glitter safe to use on the eyes?

All of our fine glitter is cosmetic grade and non toxic, safe for use on skin, hair and nails. PET glitter is designed specifically to reduce the risk of irritating skin, but we do advise to try out a patch test on a small area first to ensure to irritation occurs. Nothing is 100% safe when using on our around your eyes so if applying close to the eye area please do so carefully and at your own discretion as we cannot be held responsible for any injuries. Glitter is used on the eyes day in and day out all around the world in the cosmetic industry, it is very rare that injury is ever caused but we do advise not to use the glitter along your waterline as there is much more risk of it going in the eye. 

We do not recommend using any type of chunky glitter around the eyes and it is at your own discretion that you do so. 


Do I need to use glitter glue with the glitters?

The short answer is, NO! No glue is needed with our pressed glitters as they are in a formula which stays in place all day long! Of course if you wanted to use glue as well, this is absolute fine too. 


How should I store my glitters?

All glitters should be stored in a cool, try place. They should not be kept in direct sunlight as this can dry the glitter out quickly. If your glitters are in a warm environment, we suggest putting them into the fridge to keep them cool.

You should always keep your glitter flat so they are not being stored on their side as this could cause the glitter to fall out of place. 

All of our single pressed glitters are made by hand and are fragile, so please be careful when handling and storing your glitters.