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Our new magnetic palette FULL of all our best selling pressed glitters.

This palettes includes 18 of our best selling pressed glitters!

By purchasing this deal, it works out that you will get 2 FREE pressed glitters and also the magnetic palette for FREE! The price should be £158.82. So you are saving £30.98

All of these pressed glitters are made with 100% cosmetic grade glitter. The glitter comes in a special formula created by us so that no glue or primers is needed to keep these glitters in place. Designed to stay on ALL day with NO creasing! You won’t find these pressed glitters anywhere else.

Shades included:

Contains: Snow Angel, Silver Sparks, Champagne, Rose Gold, Pumpkin Spice, Mocha, Blush, Grape Vine, Fairy Pink, Pink Lady, Pink Flamingo, Hot Pink, Imperial, Amor, Azure, Tropical, Emerald, Black Beauty

*All glitter is used on the eye area at your own discretion.


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